QCI has unique focus, ESP completions

While QCI is known for leading and most reliable ESP penetrator, QCI also stock a full line of 7-1/16 3K to 15K wellhead completion solutions. These systems feature leading slim P3000-2 penetrator system and can be used with 2-3/8, 2-7/8, and 3-1/2 tubing inside the 7-1/16 bowl profile with suitable sized production casing. QCI can also supply 11 completions, along with GT-6, and hammer nut completions for use with QCI penetrator.


Good: ESP Hanger Completion

With P3000-2 Penetrator

Through a BOP during installation. Hangers are available with, and without, Type H BPV threads to serve your SOP requirements. A short nipple is used to make up a threaded Christmas tree or a companion flange that can adapt to a flanged tree.

Better: ESP Hanger with ECO Cover Plate

With P3000-2 Penetrator

With a 3,000 psi secondary seal for both environmental and well control. The cover plate protects both the ring groove and lockscrews to ensure future rework can be accomplished without issues. The P3000-2 system can be used with 2-3/8, 2-7/8, and 3-1/2 tubing inside the 7-1/16 bowl profile.

Best: ESP Hanger & Adapter

With P3000-2 Penetrator

ESP hanger and adaptor completions offer the most control and versatility. Adapter allows for testing the flange void after make-up. This ensures all sealing components are holding. With a spin flange on the bottom and an orientation flange on top, pump cable alignment and flow line orientation can be achieved with great ease. All hangers come ported to accommodate up to 1/2 capillary line, if required.